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For the first time, the Fitzwilliam Museum invited people to get involved online with activities to complement this ground-breaking exhibition.

Sharing photos online

Exploring the exhibition’s themes and issues from a contemporary perspective and sharing personal photographic responses. Find out more …

Joining ‘Evolve!’ – the first ever on-line Darwin book group

Reading novels and short stories influenced by Charles Darwin and On the Origin of Species, then sharing views on-line. Find out more …

Drawing ‘The Entangled Bank’

Following in Darwin’s observational footsteps, sketching your own ‘entangled bank’ as it changed with the seasons. View drawings …

Crochet Coral Colony

Find out more about the crochet coral reef project that was running in the museum and in community venues around Cambridge.

Look Behind the Scenes

The ‘Endlessly Forming’ Photo Journal looked at ‘behind the scenes’ photos taken during the exhibition installation.
See the photos on Flickr

"Chimpanzee looking tired and sulky. Drawn from life by Mr. Wood." The expression of the emotions in man and animals, 1872,  Charles Darwin Wellcome Library, London