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9. Humankind – A Troubling Future? With Lord Robert May

Lord Robert May, Former President of the Royal Society and UK Government Chief Advisor for Science explores the significance of Darwin and his ‘unsolved problems’ for the issues facing populations today, and how the nineteenth-century preoccupation with ‘where we come from’ has given way to a focus on our imminent – and worrying – future as a planet.

Published: 13 Jul 2009

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One Response to “Episode 9”

  1. Carol V. Says:

    Bravo! How I wish you could lecture widely in Texas.

    I feel that overpopulation is still a major problem worldwide and specifically in the US and leads, as one element, to scarcity of food (in parts of Africa for example), if not now in the US, then certainly in the future. Outdated and simplistic?

    Surely we could choose areas of cooperation? Make contraception and abortion of unneeded post- replacement pregnancies available in out of control areas where starvation is already rampant? Too specific and simplistic ? ( How is China coming along with the one child per couple dictum? )
    Population control might be simpler than trying to reform corrupt leaders who appear sanguine while watching genocide by starvation and disease happening within their purview.

    There are difficulties with maintenance of endangered habitats in areas of human poverty and hunger, as one small example of cooperation problems, if I understand cooperation on an international level.

    I need a reading list. I am too out of touch.