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For schools wishing to visit the Endless Forms exhibition the museum offered:

  • • Visits to the exhibition lead by museum teachers
  • • Self-led visits
  • • Online resources for teachers and pupils

Admission to the exhibition was free with all school visits booked in advance.


Fossils, dinosaurs, stuffed birds, images of apes and geological diagrams are set alongside paintings of the Flood, glaciers, animals, plants and birds in this fascinating and far-reaching exhibition. The exhibition offered a unique opportunity to explore Darwin’s revolutionary ideas and influences in a cross-curricular way.
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Darwin’s revolutionary ideas changed the way people looked at the world in the 19th century and beyond. This broad ranging and fascinating exhibition displayed scientific specimens such as fossils, stuffed birds and geological diagrams alongside paintings by Turner, Landseer and Monet.
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The celebrations around the bicentenary of Darwin’s birth offer schools and colleges a wide-range of new resources, activities, events and exhibitions.
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